Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank You!!! Anti-Oxidant: Promantic Opening Reception Pics

Thank you to all that supported us! Your presence, both physical and/or in your heart, was deeply appreciated! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making it such a memorable night and a success!!!! Also many thanks to the artists involved for contributing their amazing work. We were honored to showcase your creative efforts! xoxoxoxc

Your Curators: Jason LeBlond & Christina Renée Medina!!!

Cody Critchelo (SSION): ASAP 

Bec Stupak: Cotton Candy

Dev Harlan installation upstairs

Dev Harlen

Polar Polarizer and Victoria Bleakley

Lorenzo Wirz Castellani & Christina Renée Medina
Clinton Querci, Carrie Beehan, and Trystette

Gage Ofthe Boone

Marco Ovando (left)

Sarah Stuve, PJ Linden, Rachel Klein & Eric Schmalenberger

Carl Eklof, Jessica Vale and Clinton Querci

Geoffrey Mac, Cristian Maximilliano Temi, and Jason

Vaness Paulsen, Lisa Luna & friend, Bobby Smith, Lily Ostrovsky

Ryan Sartin & Jacob Bills

Giovanna Cavicchioli, Clinton Querci, and Shell Sheddy

Gautier Delabe (left)