Monday, April 13, 2009

YOU + ART + BUSHWICK = Anti-Oxidant BK!

Anti-oxidant BK
This Wednesday, April 15th /
10pm / the DEN @ Northeast
Kingdom / free :)

18 Wycoff, Bushwick, BK
Please arrive early as seating is limited

Anti-Oxidant BK will screen for one night only, a introspective mix of video works from local artists Lindsay Bennedict, Lauren Carbone, Joelle Howald, Jamie Lund, Christina Medina, Nathan Shafer, Lauren Silberman, Joy Whalen and Cecelia Zuniga.

This month's theme: Is it possible to recount history by means of memories that might possibly have been reconstructed in the mind?

Memory, perception, imagination, personal history and story telling:
We live in a world of close contact acted out through various means of communication and interrealted sharing of moments. Our experiences are not solely our own as we share events with those in our community. Do we incidentally embellish these memoirs based on an idealized collective perception and alter their existence as we tuck them away in our memory banks? What happens we when attempt to recall these memories and how accurate is our recollection?


Hard Modeling, / 2006 / 2:00
Rosalind Krauss once told me in her essay “Sculpture in the Expanded Field” that no form, natural or person made, deserves less criticism (constructive or otherwise). Criticism is at the heart of our dreams, at the base of our bases. All things become possible when we barrow our neighbor’s critical eye and give it back just as we found it. 

The Wild, / 2009 / 1:00
Imagine the Art World without white, male artists. Don’t wish it. Just imagine. 

Born in La Jolla, CA, multimedia artist Lauren Carbone has been a competitive figure skater, a sorority sister, an Art instructor, an NFL cheerleader, a wood shop technician, and a personal assistant to the director of Trade at the New York Mercantile Exchange. It is this eclectic background that draws Carbone to personal narratives, universal experiences, and the art of storytelling. She earned her M.F.A. in Sculpture and New Media at Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia, and also studied at the Rome campus. She holds a B.A. in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis. Recent group exhibitions include Juried Show at Collision Machine, Brooklyn NY. Recent solo exhibitions include Workin' it Out, The Laundromat, Brooklyn NY, Jillian Baba, Jillian Baba Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and Success, The Barber Shop Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Carbone lives and works from Envirolution headquarters in Reno, NV and the Lower East Side. She dreams of one day designing and producing her own lingerie line from recycled clothing.

Arriving For a Crowd / 2008 / 2:47
The piece that I submit pertains to a cultural memory, in this case a memory of celebrity. The idea of celebrity is reconstructed in the mind of everyone over time. Currently, I believe that celebrity fits into an expectation of visual cues. In this video I fulfilled that expectation by renting a tinted Escalade, creating an anticipation by parking in front of the crowd at Fashion Week, dressing to the nines and walking through the paparazzi. I repeated this within the same hour to see their reaction again and in turn testing their memory of me and the idea of celebrity.

I received my MFA in photography from Bard College last year.
When not working, I'm always on the look out for the perfect bratwurst - yet to be found.

Domestic Blend / 2008 / 2:23
Domestic Blend is a performative action taken from Chuck Palahniuk's novel Diary, where an art student's project about feminine domesticity is described as a young lady pouring wet concrete into a blender and letting the blender go until the motor blew out.

Born Provo, UT. Raised in Anchorage, AK. Finished MFA at Rutgers.
Part of the project I have been working on with the Novel Pieces was the idea of artwork that only exists in our minds (when fictional artworks are described in novels) and the disconnect that happens when we attempt to recreate those fictional projects. Most projects end up feeling like bad screen adaptations that never really live up to the stories in the book. When we read a description of an artwork, we automatically recreate it in our mind's, where reality and fantasy can build together.

turn back (home)
Super 8 and digital stills / 2006 / 4:30
This work was conceived during a time when pushing into an unknown future was more vital than turning back to a past that was not available or only imagined. Through documentation of a loved one, I was able to realize my alienation through her physical surroundings.

Through film, performance, and various media Lindsay Benedict presents us with fragments and gestures that examine and question social relations. In her work, affect and raw emotion are often deployed to disrupt and destabilize any simple reading of human connections. A wide ranging temporality, from more deliberate and slowly conceived films and sewn texts to the more immediately gestural drawings allow a dense layering of material and narrative to unravel and intertwine simultaneously.

Her work is on view in Chelsea right now (until April 18th!!) at Bose Pacia in a group show entitled 'On Certainty.'

Tortured Head / 2008 / 3:00
While in school I felt a certain kinship to the subjects in Theodore Gericault's painted studies of torture victims. I wanted to highlight the temporary madness that an artist inclined toward participatory art might feel in a Conservatory for Painting.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas. Had a brief stint as a hopeful child, traveled a bit here, there and here again. Fell boundlessly in love with most things, was horribly crushed by just a few and now I spend the days caring for and feeding the local flora and fauna and making art.

For My Muse / 2007 / 3:00 (looped twice)
This is the moment when you suddenly relate to the adults in your family and realize that what you thought was perfect was actually full of flaws and beautiful.

With a ten-year-old's imagination, I am dreamer by nature and prefer to wonder what the world would be like upside down. My motivation is derived from an examination of my own childhood desires, aspirations and beliefs. I would like to wake the dormant dreams we left behind with our dolls and toy cars. Teetering between a need for financial security and living a life of adventurous exploration of my heart’s desires, I remain a beliver in truth, beauty and most importantly LOVE.

you + dreams + love = !!!!!!

Seeing Red / 2009 / 1:34
Contrary to the belief that this video is about menstruation and fertility, it’s actually about anger as a visual metaphors.

Cecelia is originally from the Land of enchantment, growing up in Albuquerque, Guadalajara and Kansas City. She recently transplanted to Brooklyn, to continue growing up and to attend the M.A. Gallatin program at NYU.

All the Bravery We Have in All the World / 2009 / 3:44
In a small cardboard box a not so small lady can fit, or at least try to. Is it worth it? Sure it is. The box is comforting, warm, one can make a cozy world within: but it takes significant bravery to realize there is more, to try and extend beyond the spaces where we are told to reside.

Receiving her BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 and MFA from Pratt Institute in 2007, Joy’s practice involves a combination of drawing, performance and video. Much of this work involves environmental depictions of a nether land, which fluctuates in a space caught within the tensions of a preceding and ensuing state of change, where industrial overthrow and urbanization are challenged by resilience of the natural world.

Fancy / 2009 / 4:28

Lauren Silberman received her BA from Barnard College and her MFA from Bard College and currently resides in Brooklyn. She is a visiting scholar at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and is the recipient of awards from PDN. She has performed at Location One and Deitch Projects, as well as in the several underground events and venues that have provided inspiration for her work. She is a founder of the performance group Fakework and she utilizes photography, video, performance, and objects in her work.


Anti-Oxidant BK is a video salon hosted and curated by Bushwick artist, Christina Medina, me, held monthly in the Den at Northeast Kingdom located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Anti-Oxidant was created with artistic freedom of expression in mind without the pressure of creating something 'sellable.' Upon arriving in New York nearly two years ago, I, forget this third person thing, felt a need to share and explore the varied concepts of art, music, and performance. Anti-Oxidant BK was born out of a rebellion to the commercial art that prevails in much of the city. This is not a negative jab at the conventional art world, for as artists we would love to get paid to make art and give up the day/night jobs. With the mainstream so must exist a thriving experimental colorful world free to express itself.