Thursday, July 31, 2008

Artists Selected!!!!

Anti-Oxidant Video Salon will exhibit for one night only, a fresh mix of video works from local artists Blair Dowd, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, Ianthe Jackson, Christina Medina, Helena Petersen, Lauren Silberman, Alexa Hoyer, Kevin Vale, and Unisex Youth Helmet.

The pace of our city may appear fast and chaotic to some; however, if we take a moment to absorb it, analyze it, and find our place in it, something magical occurs. We begin to see the music that surrounds our world and the movement that is toe tapping it's way into our life's breath. It is here that we begin to find our place in this vast metropolis we call home. Each video artist adds their own definition of this rhythm to a broad collective while their individual styles appear in a harmonious contrast. The artists' individual expressions range from surrealistic dreamworlds to full on music video, while each piece shares the conceptual undertones of movement through music is its most broad sense.

Anti-Oxidant is a video salon hosted and curated by local video artist, Christina Medina; held monthly in the Lounge at Northeast Kingdom located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Anti-Oxidant was created with artistic freedom of expression in mind without the pressure of creating something 'sellable'. Upon arriving in New York a year ago, Christina felt a need to question the the boundaries of visual art, music, and performance. Anti-Oxidant was born out of a rebellion to the commercial art world that prevails in much of the city. This is not a negative jab at the commercial art world, for as artists we would love to get paid to make art and give up the day/night jobs; with the mainstream so must exist a thriving experimental colorful world free to express itself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you!

Hey there!

Just want to send a huge thank you to everyone that submitted work! I'm so excited for the big night and also each show to follow. Please keep your submissions and questions coming as there will be a monthly show in the Lounge at Northeast Kingdom. Also keep in mind the launch of the DVDzine in October. It will be a great night! More info to come soon!

xxoo Christina

p.s. I'm attaching a super fantastic photo I found. Just thought I would share!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 6th: Anti-Oxidant Begins 10PM

Who: Me, You, Us, and Them
What: Anti-Oxidant Video Salon
Where: The Lounge at Northeast Kingdom, 18 Wycoff Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
When: Wednesday, August 6th at 10pm
Why: Because you still believe art can change the world. 

Exit Jefferson Street off the L train. Walk 1 block East to the intersection of Troutman and Wycoff. Northeast Kingdom is on the corner.

See you there!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Seeking Video Submissions

Anti-Oxidant: Music and Art from Bushwick, BK

Seeking video submissions for a monthly video salon at Northeast Kingdom.


This month's subject is movement through music in any sense or interpretation. 

This may be communicated via video artwork, through video interviews with local artists, writers, musicians, or recorded performances.

Please keep the video under 10 minutes, format as a DVD, include the title, your name, and contact info (email and phone number). Also, be sure to include a statement with a little bit of info about yourself as well as the concept behind the work.


Please mail to:
Attn: Christina Medina
476 Jefferson St., #313
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Email me at AntioxidantBK@gmail with any questions or if you would like to drop off your submission.