Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anti-Oxidant Video Salon

JANUARY 12 @ 10 PM


The Den at Northeast Kingdom
18 Wycoff Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Free :)

Anti-Oxidant BK is pleased to present music video works from Fritz Donnelly, Drew and the Medicinal Pen, Matthew Dunehoo, A/D, Ryan Power, Worm Carnevale, and Greg Eggbeen.

Come EARLY for dinner and drinks!

Then head downstairs to the Den for a music video version of the salon followed by a special acoustic performance from Drew and The Medicinal Pen.

Fritz Donnelly

Fritz Donnelly is a "film guerilla auteur" (Black Book Magazine). His films expound "Financial Advice" and squirm through "Awkward Social Situations." He started on public access with a weekly "To the Hills" show. He sold 3,000 DVDs of his first compilation of shorts on the streets of New York. He has been featured on cable TV, shown in the New Museum of Contemporary Art, at Anthology Film Archives, and text-messaged into outdoor cinemas. With Christina Ewald he runs a space for self-expression. His films about hustlers, dreamers, and people like you and me are at Fritz also speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Drew and the Medicinal Pen
Drew is a day-dreamer and late-sleeper. He is a doodler and entrepreneur. He also makes music, lots of music: cigarette-butts-in-Chinese-food, insomniac, vodka-breathe, bedroom-pop music. Late at night, he draws graffiti of dead TV's. He is scrappy and young, and moved to NYC from Philadelphia. He currently resides in Bed-Stuy where he plays shows regularly and survives on a diet of tuna and spaghetti.

Matthew Dunehoo
Matthew is from Kansas City, where he graduated from high school with love for music and theater. He studied journalism at the University of Kansas, and toured the country with rock and roll bands. Matthew moved to New York, New Year’s 2007 and put together a band called Baby Teardrops which just kind of broke up, but he’s going to press on, by George.


Ryan Power

Worm Carnevale
Photographer, filmmaker, and artist, Worm Carnevale, is highly regarded for his breathtaking and eye catching photographs, films, and works of art. Worm specializes in fashion, beauty, fine art, and advertising photography. His photography is best known for its extreme use of color and overly exaggerated and dream-like themes, while his films are considered to be underground cinematic pieces of art.

Greg Eggbeen
Greg is a Midwestern transplant who kept busy booking films and DIY bands in Iowa City before moving to New York to take a job on a documentary. He is currently an assistant editor for VBS.TV and is doing his next music video for the NYC band International Shades. His goal is to synthesize his love for film and music into one big sloppy Joe of deliciousness.