From the 1st to the 5th of February, Christopher Henry Gallery, in New York, presents Anti-Oxidant: Promantic, a group show of video art curated by Jason LeBlond and Christina Medina. I´m sure that everyone longS to see the newest work of Cody Critchelo, “Psy-Chic," that will be shown together with his video “ASAP." Critchelo recently directed Santogold’s latest video for “Big Mouth,” that has created an strong impact and quite a buzz.

The rest of the participants at Anti Oxidant: Promantic are also absolutely amazing. Dev Harlan and Sean Capone present three videos each. The first one, shows Stay Insane and Open the Night, both of them with music by Black Devil Disco, and Love Birds. The second one, arrives with Pink Narcissus (2011), Floral Wall (2010) and The Crystal Set (Live Life Like A Diamond Ring) (2011). From his side, Wonderpuss Octopus presents  Honeymoon: La Naissance de Venus,  How to Meet Men,  How to Compliment a Woman and How to Compliment a Man. Read More